Press Release for the Stabilization of Bannerman Castle’s Walls

IMG_2820 IMG_2821As some of you know, here in the Hudson Valley, there is an Island in the middle of the Hudson River.  It is called Pollapel Island and it is privy to Bannerman’s Castle , a historic site built in the early 1900’s.  It is in need of stabilization.  We here at Tiny Houses, Inc., have taken on the challenge.  Here is the official press release.  Please pass this information on.  It is so important to us as well as many others in the Hudson Valley that Bannerman’s Castle continues to thrive.



PUTNAM VALLEY, N.Y. — After being awarded a state contract, Tiny Houses, Inc., a custom design/ build company of small, high-end, homes for ecologically conscious people, is pleased to announce they will begin work to stabilize the west tower of the historic Bannerman Castle this month.

Accessible by boat, Pollapel Island, otherwise known as Bannerman Island, is located approximately 50 miles north of New York City and 1,000 feet off the Hudson River’s eastern bank. Purchased by Francis Bannerman in 1901, Bannerman Island became the storage site of ammunition and surplus stock that had been purchased at government auctions. Following the Spanish-American War, Francis Bannerman purchased 90 percent of the Army’s decommissioned weapons and over 30 million rounds of ammunition. With excess supplies stored on the island, it was believed that Bannerman was in contact with enemy troops during World War I. Because of this, American troops were stationed on the island until 1918. By 1960, Bannerman Island was abandoned. Bannerman’s estate was sold to the State of New York in 1967. On Aug. 8, 1969 an explosion ravaged the arsenal, leaving it in its present ruined state. Thriving with spirit and still standing the test of time, the west tower of the Bannerman Arsenal is in need of stabilization.

“Something about this project makes it hard to resist…there’s a warrior in me that likes to take on big challenges and I think we’ve just met our match,” says Annette.  Annette Lindbergh and her husband, L.R., owners of Tiny Houses, Inc., are prepared to take on the challenge. It is their commitment to the spirit of big ideas and impossible dreams that gives them the drive that is needed to preserve something as grand as Bannerman Castle. The project will entail stabilizing the south & west walls of the arsenal with steel braces. This will require erecting scaffolding up to five stories high for installation of the engineered components. The materials and equipment will be shipped by barge from Whites Marina up in Wappingers Falls. The solution is simple, it’s getting to the island that makes the logistics all the more challenging.

“No one can tell what associations and incidents will involve the island in the future. Time, the elements, and maybe even the goblins of the island will take their toll on some of the turrets and towers, and perhaps eventually the castle itself, but the little island will always have its place in history and in legend and will be forever a jewel in its Hudson Highland setting,” said Charles Bannerman.  Please remember the journey of this island began long before our time. With your support, it will continue to thrive.

If you would like to become a “Friend of the Castle,” you can join the preservation efforts by writing to the Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc., P.O. Box 843, Glenham. NY 12527-0843. Visit

About Tiny Houses, Inc.

Tiny Houses, Inc., located in Putnam Valley, N.Y., launched in 1998, is a custom design/ build company of small high-end, homes for ecologically conscious people. Ranging in size from 100 to 1,000 square feet, Tiny Houses, Inc., is committed to creating more environmentally friendly structures, as well as renovating already existing ones. Visit Tiny Houses, Inc., online at, on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

NES Rentals are supplying and erecting the scaffolding.

Erection & Welding Contractors, LLC are fabricating the steel.


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