Small Spaces

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Small Spaces

As inspiration for the function of my cube, I need to
consider trends in current small spaces.I will be
updating this page as I find relevant research for my project.

The Blob Living Pod by dmvA Architects


The Blob VB3 is a mobile polyester pod by dmvA Archiects
that was designed for the office of XfactorAgencies, as an extension to
the house. This unique structure comes complete with a bathroom, kitchen,
lighting, a bed, and numerous niches to keep your belongings.

blob-living-pod-4    blob-living-pod-3

The multifunctional space could be adapted for just about
any function- an office, a guest house, even a garden house.


M112 Pods by Paris Renfroe Design

The M112 POD is a miniature 1:12 scale replica of an actual
shipping container that has been converted into a living space.
Abandoned shipping containers are fast becoming a usable
resource in green building and are being used in condo…

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